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The town of Kavali is located in the northern Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh. It is also one of the largest municipalities in Andhra Pradesh, and currently remains to be be the second largest town in the district. As of 2011 Census of India, the town had a population of 104,000. With a total population of 45,661 males, 45,961 females and 12,378 children it has an average literacy rate stands at 81.09% with 60,497 literates. This is quite higher than the national average of 73.00%. Kavali comes under the assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. In the year 1962, the parliamentary constituency came into existence. However this was lost in 1977 and happened because of the delimitation based on the population. Currently the area remains to be a part of the Nellore parliament constituency.

Kavali is located at 14.92°N 79.98°E and has an average elevation of 17 metres (56 ft). Currently it remains to be the second biggest town in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh State. It is also just 8 km from the Bay of Bengal, which make the weather here tropical and though it can get sultry people enjoy the closeness to the beach and the greenery associated. Most people prefer residing in the north-eastern part because of the pleasant weather.

As of right now, the government is scheduling and planning to turn this into a separate district. This would be done by pulling few mandals from Prakasem and some others from the Nellore Districts. However, nothing concrete has been decided yet.

History of Kavali

Kavali was earlier referred to as Kanakapatnam, which means 'wealth will flow into this place.' The same had been coined by Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami and was referred to as patrol in the local language it means patrol. The name is based on the fact way back in 1515, Harihara Rayulu — an Udayagiri king had got his army stationed in the town. Legend has that since then this name has been around.

Tourism in Kavali

There are lot of places to see and enjoy in the town of Kavali. However, there are many churches and temples here too which makes it an architectural delight for people visiting. Some of the places you can see are-

Kalugola Sambhavi Temple

This is one of the local temples here that has a very stringent following. A lot of tourists visit the place from nearby villages and there are fairs held here too.

Sri Prasana Venkateswara Swamy Temple

The Sri Prasana venkateswara swamy temple is one of the very popular religious places in the state along with being a major attraction of this small town. Along with drawing crowds from across the state a lot of tourists come here from the nearby cities of Hyderabad and Vijayawada, Tirupathi, etc. too.

Kotta Satram

This is one of the other religious places in the region. However, along with being close to the beach, it is also a popular place to spend the day. A lot of people visit the temple and then hang out at the beach through the day.


This is basically a small village nearing the town but a lot of people visit the area because of their local handicrafts and natural beauty. In fact the aqua culture here is one of the major attractions making it an important hub for business too.

How to reach Kavali

Kavali Railway Station is the best mode to reach the town via the railways. Kavali railway station is located on Howrah-Chennai main line. Currently this town is a B–category station and comes under the Vijayawada railway division of South Central Railway zone. Along with easy access to the trains, you can also reach Kavali via road through the National Highway 16, which is a part of Golden Quadrilateral highway network. The same bypasses the town along with the NH 5. There are also regular buses available from here and Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation operates services here too.

Hotels in Kavali

Due to the proximity to the beach, there is also a lot of hotels here and tourists frequently visit the town. Some of the hotels where you can stay in Kavali are-

Hotel Mourya Paradise
Address: Near Kavali Railwaystation, 10-6-11, Bungalow Street, Kavali, Andhra Pradesh 524201
Phone: 086262 51511

Namaskar Hotel
Address: Trunk Road, Vaddi Palem, Kavali, Andhra Pradesh 524201

AVVA Hotel
Address: Railway Station Rd, Vaddi Palem, Kavali, Andhra Pradesh 524201

Restaurants in Kavali

There are umpteen number of places in and around the town of Kavali. Here you can dig into some local Andhra delicacies or even get something more exotic and regular fast food. Some of these are-

Eagle Biryani Family Restaurant & Tiffins
Address-  11-1-57, G&T Road, Opp Bajaj Showroom, Rama Murthy Peta

Vijaya Durga Family Restaurant
Address-   Bank colony Street

Vigneswara Restaurant
Address-  Railway Station Rd

Shopping in Kavali

There is a small market in the area where you can purchase the things of general needs. However, there is no major shopping to be done here. You can find some handicrafts from the state but the town is oblivious to mall culture. The rustic feel of the market is one of the best aspects of this town. Do look around for local silk produce, especially sarees. Along with this, you can also get a ton of other handicrafts here.

Police Station in Kavali

In case of any assistance required, there are police stations located across the town. Some of these include-

Kavali One Town Police Station
Trunk Road

Fire station in Kavali

The town also has an active fire station where you can call up in case of emergencies and be assured of immediate relief.

Address: Kacherimitta, Kavali, Andhra Pradesh 524201
Phone: 086262 43101

Pharmacies and Hospitals in Kavali

In case of medical emergencies be assured that pharmacies are around along with hospitals. Some of the pharmacies here are-

Satish Medical Shop
Phone- 093946 79422

Apollo Pharmacy
Address-D.No.2-8-86,Trunk Road,Near Govt ,hospital,kavali,kavali(mun&ma),nellore Dist · 1860 500 1010

Balaji Medicals Pharmacy
Address-Shop No: D, Annapurana Cloth Market, Road Side Front Complex,, Opp Apsrtc Bus

Kandukuri Hospital
Location- Bijili Bazar

Latha Thallipillala Hospital
Address- Christian Peta 3rd
Phone- 086262 43367

Padmaja Nursing Home
Address- Christian Peta 2nd Line

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